Stages of Spiritual Development

Stone Age Animism – 2.5M BCE
Bronze Age Shamanism – 20.000 BCE,
Iron Age Orthodox Scriptures – 4,000 BCE
Steel Age Scientific Protestation – 500 BCE
Nuclear Age Ontology – 1900 AD

Intuitive perception of Nature as a Conscious Being.

Intuitive perception of ancestral spirits
Compulsion to engage in psychic healing

Analytical attempt to formalize cultural mythologies
and nationalize conflicting clan totemic claims of exclusive divinity
under a single Godhead

Analytical attempt to objectively rationalize Natural Forces

An attempt to balance intuitive perceptions of metaphysics
with analytical rationalizations of phys

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Chore-based work ethic

Learning literature and mathematics via textbook instruction
and absorbing the accumulated wisdom of mankind

Assuming that criticising predigested indoctrinated information
is coming from personal font of rational deductions

Realizing that all forms of protest, religious or social
is disrespectful of well-connected ancestral effort

Paying due respect to ancestral spirits
thereby opening the mind to spiritual inspiration
seeing the mistakes of the past in context of time and circumstance
initiating creative new ideas for social and spiritual reformation

Leaving behind a legacy of creative accomplishment

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“One step for man….one giant step for mankind”
Neil Armstrong on the moon

Our first infant step began some ten million years ago
when a hominid ancestor courageously stepped out of the jungle away from the safety of the trees onto the savannah;
stood upright to extend her vision above ground level;
and in that process free her hands to carry a stick
to use as a tool to dig for roots
and as a weapon to defend her young.

The second step was to make fire.
Then the wheel.
And so on,
taking one giant technological step at a time,
we have moved forward together;
sharing our consciousness;
imprinting knowledge in the DNA of our offspring;
compressing five hundred thousand generations of ancestral survival struggles in the birth of each individual modern consciousness.

All that ancestral inheritance is consciously expressed
in a simple brilliant collective spiritual statement:

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Some view that as a message of love made by God on Earth
Others see it as the inspiration of a simple man,
in love with the collective consciousness of all of mankind

What should be collectively seen
beyond all conscious argument
is the Truth of the Message

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Morning Right Brain Drills and Exercises

Right Lest Brean
Right Lest Brean

1. Dream recounting
2 Yoga stretching
3. Breath meditation
4. Chanting to drum beats
5. ESP drills
6, Left hand dexterity

1. Dream Recounting
The left brain is active by day
The right brain is active at night
Dreams fade into the sub-conscious
as soon sunrise awakens the left brain
Recounting dreams before they fade
helps connect the left brain to a supernatural state
and keeps the right brain creatively contributive

2. Hatha Yoga
Duplicate stretches on the left and right sides of the body
help keep the two brains cooperative

3. Breath Meditation
Counting alternate deep in/out breaths through both nostrils
for at least five minutes
shuts down the eternal rounds of analysis of the left brain
brings balance to the mind and focus of thought

4. Chanting
Monotonous chanting in the same key to a drum tempo
sets up a balanced harmonic throughout the nervous system
and relieves stress

5. ESP Drills
Pair off with a partner
project a thought image onto the mind
and try to intuit what each other is seeing
Beginners are allowed twenty yes/no questions
Adepts progress till they need none

6. Left Hand Dexterity
Spend five minutes using the left hand
art  (alternatively use right hand but copy a picture turned upside down)
4. Chanting to drum beats
5. ESP drills
6, Left hand dexterity


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Infant and Child Prodigies

Child prodigy

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Mozart started composing at age 5.

A child prodigy or Wunderkind is a person who, at an early age, develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age.[1] A prodigy has to be a child, or at least younger than 18 years, who is performing at the level of a highly trained adult in a very demanding field of endeavour.[1][2]

The giftedness of prodigies is determined by the degree of their talent relative to their ages. Examples of particularly extreme prodigies could include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Teresa Milanollo in music, Bobby Fischer, Judith Polgar, Magnus Carlsen, Sergey Karjakin, Paul Morphy and José Capablanca in chess, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Shakuntala Devi, Srinivasa Ramanujan, John von Neumann and Terence Tao in mathematics, Pablo Picasso and Wang Ximeng in art, and Saul Kripke in philosophy.[3] There is controversy as to at what age and standard to use in the definition of a prodigy

There is much speculation surrounding the origins and manifestation of precocity in linguistics, mathematics and artistic capabilities of child prodigies.  What is certain is that these capabilities could not have surfaced in human consciousness out of a vacuum.  It seems obvious to me that the exhibition of early genius has to be the latent potential of accumulated ancestral training in the past, and stored genetically  in the DNA.  If that is indeed true, this would mean that ancestral intellectual talents and not just physical traits and characteristics are carried forward genetically. Therefore it is more than possible that  all of us have the same inherited store of potential genius.

So the question then is: How and why does it manifest in just a few individuals and not in the rest of us?

The answer may be found in the research done by neurologist, Professor Roger Sperry during his work in split brain dissections.  He and other researchers at UCLA have discovered that the left and right sides of the cerebral cortex function via two separate modes of perception. The left brain is analytical.  The right brain is intuitive.  Work done by Dr. Betty Edwards, professor of Art as UCLA has revealed that if the analytical side of the brain is tricked into shutting down, her students who exhibited no signs of previous artistic ability, suddenly all of them, without exception, produced masterful works. Sperry has argued that science in general and our school system, which concentrates almost exclusively on analytical left brain training, is discriminating against the intuitive artistic genius of the right brain.

Intrigued by this research, I took my children out of state schools and began to train them at home via a system of dual brain stimulation that I designed myself.  The key element in my  program was to put a halt to any training in script-based instruction until puberty.  All instruction was oral-based.  My reason behind this radical step, where professional educators have insisted that mastering early literacy is the key to intellectual genius, is that  a compulsory system that forces a child with both sides of its developing brain still only half the capacity of an adult, to concentrate analytically for hours every day on mechanics of grammar and syntax, and blackboard mathematics, shuts down the intuitive input of the right brain.  This leaves iteracy compositions and mathematical computations devoid of the originality of creative input

Proof of my home-spun, home-school experiment is that my children took to the internet themselves at puberty and without any help from me mastered all high school textbook subjects.  With barely an hour of study a day, within three years after puberty, each one and passed the State examinations among the top percentage in the nation.

Below is a masterful essay that could be presented as a term paper by any university student, written by one of my daughters, at age 13, just three months after she first taught herself to read and write

By Zarina Pringle

A bleak time it is… winter, all plant life deserts its summer lushness for a harsh but equal beauty I walk through a forest of the slender naked limbs of tall trees draped in the white silk vale of powdery snow which so reminds me of a deserted home covered in dust sheets until summer’s sun shines again. My long draped cloak swirls and whips in the frigid silver wind that is winter’s howl It is the chirp of birds the scurrying of mice the goodbye song to summers warmth.

Suddenly the prowl of a wolf takes command of the atmosphere And in a shuffle of feet and a spray of snow, the blood of a stag stains the stark snow. I crouch in a thicket and watch fearfully as the event unravels. The white stag has given himself up to nature’s wrath, his neck clutched tightly in the wolf’s vice-like jaw. His dead black eyes stare into mine through the thicket as the wolf proclaims his victory by taking the first bite. The pack moves in to taste the meat of victory.

They do not smell me yet, but still fear bites into me sharper than any fang as I watch the gory spectacle. I find myself both repulsed and yet strangely envious of their power over the wood. I try to remain calm but I realize that I âm holding my breath, I bite down on my lip and clutch my fists to keep from trembling, and I assure myself that the smell of the stag over powers my own, and that they will take what is remaining of the carcass and leave.

Soon enough they do leave, back the way they had come, like a harsh grey wind with fur and fangs, all but one. It is a female by the looks of it, she seamed reluctant to follow the others. Her icy blue eyes scanned the area sending chills up my spine; they passed over the thicket in witch I remained hidden amongst the rotted leaves and soft snow. My heart pounded so hard I was half afraid she would hear it. Panic surged through my entire body; I knew that if she found me she would signal her pack, I would not stand a chance, I would be torn from limb to limb and end up in the stomach of a pack of the notoriously vicious grey wolves.

After a minute of waiting there, scarcely breathing for fear of being heard, I tilted my head slightly upward to see if she had gone, but to my utter horror she remained, and worse still her eyes locked with mine, in that one instant in witch a looked up, at that moment I knew she had discovered me. I knew I could not stay there and wait for her to come to me like a paralyzed rabbit, if my life was destined to end this way, I would not wait for my end to come to me but rather go to it instead. Against my rational judgement and with my fists clutched in determination and my mind clear in resolve, I rushed out of my hiding place, brambles scratching my face and arms, and there I stood, out in the open, the rest of the world seamed to evaporate around me, all that existed was myself the wood and that wolf.

I forced myself to look her dead in the eye, well aware that this is the opposite of what one should normally do when faced with a wolf as this is a sign that you are challenging them, but I looked on in defiance, pouring into her with all my might all the strength and will that I had collected throughout every hardship in my life willing her to leave. She did not move at first, nor did I, we only gazed at one another, both of use waiting for the other to falter. I had been taught that wolves were of a lesser race than humans, but I knew then that in reality it was quite the contrary, I could see in her sapphire eyes that she was a wise soul, and that she was testing me as her equal. And I refused to bend.

Finely she bared her teeth, ivory and as sharp as blades. Her face twisted in a snarl, wrinkling her blood stained muzzle. It was without a doubt an intimidating form, but still I would not flinch. And all at once the fierceness faded from her face, and I could have sworn on my mother’s life that I saw her give a curt nod of respect and recognition just before she turned and disappeared into the snow clad forest.


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All our psychology and medicine is based on studies of symptomatic illness and finding cures for same.  Our much vaunted political Constitution is primarily based on our collective fears of a misuse of power.  All our Laws address distorted behavior.

The net result is that instead of encouraging and fostering a national climate of positivity and hope, we are festering in a welter of sickness, pessimism and cynicism – wasting 65% of our GNP trying to treat, administer and police the myriad symptoms of our collective psychosis.

For the past 6000 years, all the major Religious Scriptures of the world, have tried and failed to establish a wellness of the mind and heart in a holistic manner. But because of a focus on sin and desire,  they have instead fostered distorted extremist views of what Truth of the matter is.  This has resulted in endless theological disagreements, Crusades and Jihads even to the point of torture and genocide.

Both commercial and social media, gain negative attention by spreading a culture of fear, conspiracy, intimidation and hopelessness.

It is no wonder with all this negativity that the planet is going to hell in a hand-basket

It is only recently that this  morbid fascination with the distortions and illnesses of the human behavior, has sunk home as a sure-fire recipe for eventual species extinction. We are beginning to make a U Turn and  focus on fostering wellness.

The challenge of this positive moment as we contemplate a mass shift of the collective consciousness, is that we have yet to set out a Universal standard of Go(o)dness that every race and creed will automatically subscribe to.

The aim of the Psyche-Genetic Theory is to provide a framework for defining what Wellness is – and set out a Universal standard of healthy conscious practices that cultivate wellness from the moment of conception onward, throughout life.

The Theory pretends to succeed where all earlier efforts have failed, in that it delves into the very Soul of the Atom, showing how Consciousness  has gradually evolved via the association of atomic elements in increasingly complex social organizations.  Progressive states of high consciousness could never have been accomplished without a solid foundation of wellness.

All previous theologians trying to assure us the Go(o)dness exists and controls Design in an Divinely ordered manner,  did not have the advantages that Atomic Science has since provided. We now know that Consciousness was birthed in the Big Bang 13,7 billion years ago. That all evolved organisms are a composition of basic atomic elementary particles, with all exhibiting various degrees of consciousness. We know via evolutionary theory that consciousness has progressed from a primal cell 3 billion years ago, via increasingly higher levels of awareness, to its present super-natural state expressed in the creative applications of human thought. And we know that it effects these mass changes of consciousness in an orderly and creative manner, with distortion having only marginal effects on the general Wellness State of Being

Psyche-Genetics provides a step by step account of how Nature fostered the birth of a healthy infant consciousness in the collective psyche of our species, and exactly how it evolved from Stone Age family group behavior onwards into the Nuclear Age of a budding global cooperative – with our collective focus on fostering wellness as a key survival imperative.


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Mate Selection

Mate Selection



Fate or Accident?

Does a perfect soul mate exist!

Do we find each other via random accident? images

Or are we fated to meet?

Whether we believe it is by the hand of God or via the process of Natural Selection; the mate we find and get married to and have children with is the most important event any of us will face in life. Which of those two principles we personally believe in and uphold will directly affect the standards of how we raise and educate our children. Our parental influence will have permanent repercussions on their own budding psyches and define the nature of their adult position and happiness in society at large.

The huge question of Creation or Evolution, which has been wrestled with by philosophers and theologians for centuries without general resolution, continues to divide Religion and Science. It also divides and compromises the loyalties of Church congregations and citizens of the State, This Constitutional division is having a confusing effect in state school classrooms – directly affecting the social and spiritual attitude of generations of children. This fundamental conflict of principles is the underlying cause that is effecting the falling standards in education. Until it is settled, which way to go, will remain front and center in the minds and hearts of every parent.

As a parent of a large brood of children, eight of whom I home-schooled myself, the manner in which I arrived at my own choice in this matter may well serve to enlighten you – or it may confuse you even further. For what it is worth I will share my experience with you anyway.

When I was 18 years old I was twice asked the same question that most of us are asked at some point in our lives “Do you plan to find a mate, get married and have kids?” Marriage and kids had never entered my head at that age. Never the less – each time I was asked, I blurted out the same off-the- wall answer. “I am going to have five wives and fourteen kids.” I have no rational explanation exactly where in my sub-conscious that flippant reply was dredged up from I am 70 years old now. The fact is: I indeed ended up having five wives and fourteen children!

Was my fate a self-fulfilling prophecy? Did I manage to manipulate the infinite amount of variables that have taken place with the mates I have selected and parented with over a period of fifty years – and so succeed in making the end result agree precisely with my teenage prophecy? Or did I in some meta-normal way access the relative nature of the Time/Space continuum and see into the future Design of my marital life? Science can only argue that there is as yet no concrete proof of any supernatural event that cannot be repeated and exactly measured. But it cannot therefore assume, by its own criteria, that there never will be any. The whole question of freedom of choice is at stake in arriving at a conclusive resolution.

In my case, since I was educated by scientific methods to see and agree with the logic and supporting evidence of Evolution, and have also experienced the metaphysical reality of the consciousness that underlies all physical manifestations, over the past thirty years I have incorporated a dual brain methodology in child education methodology which includes both principles by fusing the analytical logic of evolution with the intuitive consciousness of the spirit.

Times are changing. Neurological research into the discrimination between Left brain analytical assertions and right brain intuitions is shedding new light on exactly why we have two brains inside our head. We are beginning to understand how the right brain transmits inspired ideas for analysis and possible creative application by the left brain. Those who have practiced right brain drills and exercises and have had extensive direct communication with the right brain harmonic have learned how to tune into atomic radiation transmissions, realize that the huge question of Creation and Evolution are actually two sides of the same coin.

As a consequence, our decisions on whom we mate with and pass on our DNA inheritance has immortal effects on both the physical and meta-physical levels. When two separate family blood lines lines unite, it not only furthers and strengthens the genetic pool of the evolutionary process of natural selection – it also inspires the entire host of ancestral spirits and creatively projects the fate of our descendants into the infinite future.

The pertinent lesson here is that if we include both left and right brain exercises in our children’s education, that more inclusive level of parental guidance may well end the destructive divisions of the present and change the way our next generation of children choose to govern our world.


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Dual Brain Home Schooling

Basic Parental Guidance until each child reaches Puberty

Both parents permanent in the home

Sibling Spacing – 3 years apart

Zero classroom incarceration

Mostly playground experience

Only oral-based instruction

Textbook instruction begins after puberty rites


Mate Selection

Optimal physical and emotional Motherhood age – 16/21

(Virgin – Honors in Athletics/Arts/Estate Management)


Optimal physical and emotional Fatherhood age – 30/42

(Financially secure – Mastership in Athletics/Craftsmanship/Science preferably a family friend/relative – childhood hero of the fiancée)

Astrological compatibility

Courtship rituals

Marriage ritual


Planned conception 1st child



Infancy 0 – 7 years

Self birthing

Placenta ritual

Breast feeding

Nursing -24/7

Weaning (3rd year)

Childhood naming

Sharing ethic

Superstitious evocation (Laws of Cause and Effect)

Oral recounts -Ethics and Wisdoms of Ancestral Mythology


Sibling baby sitting

Arts and Crafts

(Parent – Conception 2nd & 3rd child)


Childhood 7 – 14 years

2 hours Dual brain exercises every morning

Chore-based work ethic

Sibling baby sitting


Domestic science


Home Workshop

(Parent – Conception of 4th & 5th child)


Puberty Rite of Passage

Head shave

Face mask

Adult Name

Courage ordeal

Communion Vows


Teenhood 14 – 21 years

4 hours Dual brain exercises morning and evening

Introduction to literature

Self tutoring all academic subjects

Home Estate Improvements (building apartment for grandparents)

Community Work

Sibling baby sitting

Caring for grandparents

Graduating Student Aptitude Test

Foreign Student Assignment

Graduating University

(Parent – Conception of 6th & 7th child – Optional)


Stewardship 21 – 42 years

Estate Key Community Ceremony


Mastership 42 – 63 years

(Mother – Menopause Community Ceremony

Mastership in Child psychology/Estate Management)

(Father – Eldership in Community Relations)


Sagehood 63 – 84 years

Retirement Ceremony



Deathbed blessings

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