Mate Selection

Mate Selection



Fate or Accident?

Does a perfect soul mate exist!

Do we find each other via random accident? images

Or are we fated to meet?

Whether we believe it is by the hand of God or via the process of Natural Selection; the mate we find and get married to and have children with is the most important event any of us will face in life. Which of those two principles we personally believe in and uphold will directly affect the standards of how we raise and educate our children. Our parental influence will have permanent repercussions on their own budding psyches and define the nature of their adult position and happiness in society at large.

The huge question of Creation or Evolution, which has been wrestled with by philosophers and theologians for centuries without general resolution, continues to divide Religion and Science. It also divides and compromises the loyalties of Church congregations and citizens of the State, This Constitutional division is having a confusing effect in state school classrooms – directly affecting the social and spiritual attitude of generations of children. This fundamental conflict of principles is the underlying cause that is effecting the falling standards in education. Until it is settled, which way to go, will remain front and center in the minds and hearts of every parent.

As a parent of a large brood of children, eight of whom I home-schooled myself, the manner in which I arrived at my own choice in this matter may well serve to enlighten you – or it may confuse you even further. For what it is worth I will share my experience with you anyway.

When I was 18 years old I was twice asked the same question that most of us are asked at some point in our lives “Do you plan to find a mate, get married and have kids?” Marriage and kids had never entered my head at that age. Never the less – each time I was asked, I blurted out the same off-the- wall answer. “I am going to have five wives and fourteen kids.” I have no rational explanation exactly where in my sub-conscious that flippant reply was dredged up from I am 70 years old now. The fact is: I indeed ended up having five wives and fourteen children!

Was my fate a self-fulfilling prophecy? Did I manage to manipulate the infinite amount of variables that have taken place with the mates I have selected and parented with over a period of fifty years – and so succeed in making the end result agree precisely with my teenage prophecy? Or did I in some meta-normal way access the relative nature of the Time/Space continuum and see into the future Design of my marital life? Science can only argue that there is as yet no concrete proof of any supernatural event that cannot be repeated and exactly measured. But it cannot therefore assume, by its own criteria, that there never will be any. The whole question of freedom of choice is at stake in arriving at a conclusive resolution.

In my case, since I was educated by scientific methods to see and agree with the logic and supporting evidence of Evolution, and have also experienced the metaphysical reality of the consciousness that underlies all physical manifestations, over the past thirty years I have incorporated a dual brain methodology in child education methodology which includes both principles by fusing the analytical logic of evolution with the intuitive consciousness of the spirit.

Times are changing. Neurological research into the discrimination between Left brain analytical assertions and right brain intuitions is shedding new light on exactly why we have two brains inside our head. We are beginning to understand how the right brain transmits inspired ideas for analysis and possible creative application by the left brain. Those who have practiced right brain drills and exercises and have had extensive direct communication with the right brain harmonic have learned how to tune into atomic radiation transmissions, realize that the huge question of Creation and Evolution are actually two sides of the same coin.

As a consequence, our decisions on whom we mate with and pass on our DNA inheritance has immortal effects on both the physical and meta-physical levels. When two separate family blood lines lines unite, it not only furthers and strengthens the genetic pool of the evolutionary process of natural selection – it also inspires the entire host of ancestral spirits and creatively projects the fate of our descendants into the infinite future.

The pertinent lesson here is that if we include both left and right brain exercises in our children’s education, that more inclusive level of parental guidance may well end the destructive divisions of the present and change the way our next generation of children choose to govern our world.


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Dual Brain Home Schooling

Basic Parental Guidance until each child reaches Puberty

Both parents permanent in the home

Sibling Spacing – 3 years apart

Zero classroom incarceration

Mostly playground experience

Only oral-based instruction

Textbook instruction begins after puberty rites


Mate Selection

Optimal physical and emotional Motherhood age – 16/21

(Virgin – Honors in Athletics/Arts/Estate Management)


Optimal physical and emotional Fatherhood age – 30/42

(Financially secure – Mastership in Athletics/Craftsmanship/Science preferably a family friend/relative – childhood hero of the fiancée)

Astrological compatibility

Courtship rituals

Marriage ritual


Planned conception 1st child



Infancy 0 – 7 years

Self birthing

Placenta ritual

Breast feeding

Nursing -24/7

Weaning (3rd year)

Childhood naming

Sharing ethic

Superstitious evocation (Laws of Cause and Effect)

Oral recounts -Ethics and Wisdoms of Ancestral Mythology


Sibling baby sitting

Arts and Crafts

(Parent – Conception 2nd & 3rd child)


Childhood 7 – 14 years

2 hours Dual brain exercises every morning

Chore-based work ethic

Sibling baby sitting


Domestic science


Home Workshop

(Parent – Conception of 4th & 5th child)


Puberty Rite of Passage

Head shave

Face mask

Adult Name

Courage ordeal

Communion Vows


Teenhood 14 – 21 years

4 hours Dual brain exercises morning and evening

Introduction to literature

Self tutoring all academic subjects

Home Estate Improvements (building apartment for grandparents)

Community Work

Sibling baby sitting

Caring for grandparents

Graduating Student Aptitude Test

Foreign Student Assignment

Graduating University

(Parent – Conception of 6th & 7th child – Optional)


Stewardship 21 – 42 years

Estate Key Community Ceremony


Mastership 42 – 63 years

(Mother – Menopause Community Ceremony

Mastership in Child psychology/Estate Management)

(Father – Eldership in Community Relations)


Sagehood 63 – 84 years

Retirement Ceremony



Deathbed blessings

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As the world’s population expands exponentially the pressure already placed on the global environment will continue to increase proportionately.

Already unemployment, under-employment, mass starvation and homelessness, inequality of wealth and restricted access to dwindling natural resources all go toward fuelling terrorist organizations seeking redress.  On top of these emergencies, the global climate is heating up. As a result we face a real potential for permanent global economic depression and possible civic collapse. We have no organization powerful or influential  enough to initiate a mass shift of direction.

As it stands, other than the proposal tabled in the  United Nations  a generation ago, encouraging zero population growth, there is no other large scale environmental relief strategy under consideration.  Even if it could be imposed unilaterally, limiting families to one child is already having disastrous effects on basic family values in China and India, to say nothing Continue reading “GLOBAL CHILD EDUCATION PROPOSAL”

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Our Bible is not a rigid doctrine , written by God, demanding that every word in it must be obeyed as the Absolute Truth. Modern science has proved  how naive and primitive a literal interpretation of the Holy Book really is.  It was obviously written by our early sages, putting into words former oral-based customs, traditions and mythologies

What the Holy Book really is, is a stored treasure house of human wisdom,  gained from tens of thousands of generations of hard-won experiences, put before us in a list of parables and metaphors, meant to enlighten the individual psyche and enrich our culture.

In Genesis the story of Adam and Eve is a parable reflecting the innocence of our infancy, over-coming our naive fears , confronting the serpent, allowing us to eat from the tree of knowledge and grow up to leave Eden and learn to toil in the soil in order feed and look after ourselves.

The parable of The Flood, is metaphor that reflects a washing away of our accumulated guilt and a Continue reading “THE HOLY BIBLE”

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Right Lest Brean
Right Lest Brean
Right Lest Brean


Extensive scientific study on brain function during the past forty years has revealed that the left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex enjoy two distinctly different modes of perception.

Left Brain Right Brain
Intellect – intuition
Convergent – divergent
Digital – analogic
Secondary – primary
Abstract – concrete
Directional – free
Propositional – imaginative
Analytic – relational
Lineal – non lineal
Rational – intuitive
Sequential – multiple
Analytic – holistic
Objective – subjective
Successive – simultaneous
“Some Educational Aspects of Hemispheric Specialization ” in UCLA Education 1974.

How the two sides of the brain interact.

The right side of our cerebral cortex is the artist; the transmitter of our creative idealizations and inventive genius. Most importantly, it is the soulful conduit of spiritual intuition. As a central electrical conduit Continue reading “HOW THE INFANT BRAIN WORKS”

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bushwomanForty years ago, as a documentary film maker, I joined a small private safari into the Central Kalahari Bushman Reserve. Our four-wheel drive vehicles could only carry enough food, water and gasoline for a round trip of ten days. Three days out, with the vehicles churning over deep sand drifts, gulping down our precious gas reserves at four miles to the gallon, we were fortunate enough to make contact with a family group of San Bushmen.

Looking back on it years later, the sheer difficulty of trekking into the Central Desert four decades ago, and actually running across a San family group in their hunting territory, makes me realize that safari, brief as it was, was one of the more successful expeditions ever made into the Central Desert

Mitachondrial DNA traces every human being alive on the planet today, back to the Kalahari Bushman. Spending time with our original family still living a pure hunter/gatherer existence in a desert Eden, who had never come within three hundred miles Continue reading “THE STONE AGE BUSHMAN AND THE NUCLEAR AGE SCIENTIST”

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The two major enigmas
of Science and Religion:

Is the Universe the result of
Divine Design or Random Action?

For me the choice has always been a combination
of the two –
a predominance of Design
with an element of randomness included

My reasoning is simple
If Design was an Absolute Principle
the Universe would be without the element of surprise
God would never be forced to stay on his toes
and adapt Design to the unexpected
He would have been bored with His Creation
even before He started it

This being so
I decided to add the element of randomness to the game of chess
and so get rid forever of anybody claiming to be a Grand Master

A Royal Court without a Jester
falls into the danger of becoming too pompous

I invented Jester Chess
as a home-school game for my family
i struggled with the protocol for the Jester
and finally came up with his/her influence on the game

Jester Chess is played on a decimal board – 100 squares
Two extra pawns are added Continue reading “JESTER CHESS”

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“On the Origin of the Specie” is a theory of evolution developed by Charles Darwin, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited biological variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

What Science has failed to include in the Theory of Evolution
is that Consciousness preceded the Evolution of Man

There was, and still is, no biologically survival imperative for an ape to evolve into a human

All 255 specie of primates continue to survive successfully
in symbiosis with Nature as they have for over 40 million years

Darwin put the cart before the horse

The only logical reason for the unique Phenomenon of Man
with a brain size that has evolved to be fours time larger than is needed for basic biological primate survival, is the super-natural drive of consciousness rising gradually to Cosmic heights of Self Awareness.

In order to accomplish this, a specie with a larger Continue reading “ON THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS”

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